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In 1991 AC Technologies commenced business in New Zealand as a specialist supplier of quality connectivity products including Precision RF Connectors, High Performance Coaxial Cables, Fibre Optic Cabling and Connectors, LAN Infrastructure, Data Connectors, Cabinets and Racks, Telecom In-side & Out-side Plant equipment here.

http://dondrummstudios.com/map Today the company continues its focus on communication infrastructure products, which can be found through out the New Zealand Telecom and Communication networks. A expanding export market has seen the company's products supplied to countries including many Pacific Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Ghana and the USA.

http://maps.automobiles.com/map The Cable assembly division is an important part of the company business, manufacturing in-house cable assemblies for the RF, Fibre and Data industries  and AC Technologies is now established as a leading specialist New Zealand manufacturer skilled in the 3 media. Manufacturing capabilities include specialist panel design and build, Fibre Optic distribution panels and frames, DC Power distribution enclosures and contract assembly work.

The company is the authorised Distributor/Agent for a number of internationally respected manufacturers from the communications industry. This allows us to provide a superior service and the ability to fully support the products we sell. With over 25 years of international business experience our ability to source overseas product for the more obscure and unusual project is unmatched, we are confident that we can assist your business click.

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